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[everything is linked and shop-able below by photo except for the Hello Kitty eyeliner→ Limited edition from Japan. BB Cream found HERE or HERE]

Cherry Coke




I don’t drink soda, but I do love soda logo’s!

The weather in LA has still been kinda weird. Warmer days and chilly nights. My wardrobe just gravitates to wearing more sweatshirts. Easy to pair and such breathable tops!

Grabbed this Cherry Coke vintage’esq raglan top from F21 for an awesome deal (psst its on sale) and paired with with an old Ktsubi Wide Leg Denim pant BUT I found something totally similar and way cheaper on F21 site. Check out the Wide Leg Denim Trouser On my toes are also an old pair of red suede pumps that can also be found on Missguided’s website (psst on sale again!) FYI my iPhone 6 case is from Valfre

Cherry Coke Top
Ktsubi Wide Leg Pant (Similar one HERE)
Red Suede Pumps

Lips Dragon Girl
Photos by Crystal Peabody

Flea Market at Space15Twenty

Hello Friends!
I am so sorry for the lack of posting. Since I got hacked I have been able to log in but then I got hacked AGAIN! Then…my blog was linked to another site. THEN…I wasnt able to post anything. The whole thing has been a nightmare. It really has put so much stress on to me and to my server! I have finally gone in and cleaned things up, bought some protection for my computer AND for my blog! (might have to write a post on this for future bloggers, cus everything you created might just disappear out of no where! so scary)

Anyways….. I’M BACK!

For my first announcement, I wanted to say that my friends and I will be doing a flea market at Space15Twenty in Hollywood this coming Sunday June 14th from 11AM-4PM
I have been doing pretty well on selling my closet onto Poshmark, but this time I get to actually meet the buyers and you get to see what I am selling!
I have three big boxes I am putting together to sell (lots of prepping right now!) and I really hope to see you there!
If you like flea markets or farmers markets (hollywood farmers market happening right around the corner) OR maybe you just wanna shop at Urban Outfitters then come by and say hello! Would love to see your faces~!!

Sunday June 14th 11AM – 4PM
1520 Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles 90028


My Experience at Create & Cultivate





This was my first time to a blogger conference and I was so excited to find a Gilt City deal and get a day pass with a discount. The ticket normally goes for $350 for the day ($500 for VIP…I know!) But with the Gilt City coupon etc I got it for $250! I was excited to purchase it for $100 off. I am all about the bargain!!
Getting back to the event: It starts off at 8:30AM and the signing in was pretty painless and got our badges and track numbers right away. (the only thing about the track number was even though you went with a friend, you might be seperated due to this..which is good and bad…ALSO that I barely saw the people in the Track #2 group) After that we were told to sign in for our “mentorship program” This is where we get to choose who we want to have a sit down with. Its the Mentor and 15 of us, which I would say was probably one of the best things they did at this event. The ones I wanted to get were already full so I went for second best and also wanted a person who was fearless and will tell it to you straight…I chose Gabi Fresh and Bare Minerals Founder Leslie Blodgett.
Then we all head into the main stage area and grab breakfast! This is where the mingling starts! My goal for the day was to meet at least 3 people and exchange information and already by breakfast that was done with. I loved the energy from everyone about being so excited to learn from today!
THEN the classes begin! It was back to back all the way till lunch, but even then you are mingling and trying to absorb what just happened. Def don’t get much alone time! Lunch was also pretty tasty and everything was displayed so nicely. The decor of the event was beautiful! Really liked all of the little touches. Even from the decal on the bathroom!

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Been wanting to challenge myself to something. You know how sometimes you need to hold someone or something acceptable for you to get sh*t done….Well, I think this is a good excuse. I know I have tons to do already…and there are soon many things I want to challenge myself to do for 100 days straight ( I can honestly make you a list if I had the time) BUT I have decided that since I love logging so much …and since that mainly only happens once a year when I vlog for everyday (vlogams) that I want my “project” to be blogging for 100 days straight!!
Gahhhhhh I don’t know why I am doing this …. but at the same time I know I want to…. ” The heart wants what it wants” says Selena G.
I am planning to start on April 6th 2015 and will be using the hashtag #100dayvlog
It really is a cool idea. If you want to read more about it check out The Great Discontent website!

Triangle DIY Rug | Ace 31 Days Of Color

“Ace Hardware has provided free paint samples.  I was also compensated for my time and this blog post. All opinions and positions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.”


I am super excited to be working with the Ace Paint Studio on the 31 Days Of Color campaign. Been wanting to do a painting DIY for the longest time and this just gave me the best opportunity to do so! Before I started the project I went down to my local Ace Hardware store to see what the Paint Studio was all about and thats where I got really inspired! Going to The Paint Studio at Ace is like going to your neighbor. Seeing all the beautiful colors I started to pick the color cards and mix and match them. I actually bought another jar of paint, but am going to save it for another project!…that will be in another post! lol





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