Flea Market at Space15Twenty

Hello Friends!
I am so sorry for the lack of posting. Since I got hacked I have been able to log in but then I got hacked AGAIN! Then…my blog was linked to another site. THEN…I wasnt able to post anything. The whole thing has been a nightmare. It really has put so much stress on to me and to my server! I have finally gone in and cleaned things up, bought some protection for my computer AND for my blog! (might have to write a post on this for future bloggers, cus everything you created might just disappear out of no where! so scary)

Anyways….. I’M BACK!

For my first announcement, I wanted to say that my friends and I will be doing a flea market at Space15Twenty in Hollywood this coming Sunday June 14th from 11AM-4PM
I have been doing pretty well on selling my closet onto Poshmark, but this time I get to actually meet the buyers and you get to see what I am selling!
I have three big boxes I am putting together to sell (lots of prepping right now!) and I really hope to see you there!
If you like flea markets or farmers markets (hollywood farmers market happening right around the corner) OR maybe you just wanna shop at Urban Outfitters then come by and say hello! Would love to see your faces~!!

Sunday June 14th 11AM – 4PM
1520 Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles 90028