Current Fav 5 Stationery

Just a few of my unique but useful everyday items!

Here are the items I talk about:

GLOO : Blue color glue that makes it easy to see where you’re gluing, then turns clear as it dries.

PEN w/ PEN STAND: Durable tip: No bend, No breakage, Consistent fine line width 0.4mm. 5 Color set: Comes with a stylish stand that allows you to store and display your pens

WEARABLE MEMO: Wearable silicone memo band, slap bracelet-style – Keep your notes close and wear your thoughts around your wrist

PEN CLIP: Keep your pen and notebook close. The minimal design that makes it easy to mix and match your favorites.

DOT PEN: Round stamp core. 5.0mm in Diameter. A twin-type water-based color pen that allows you to push Dots and draw lines.

Do you already use any of these? Would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you for watching and swinging by!!