9 Week Update and Traveling During First Trimester

Heading out to Japan and been reading a lot on what I should do in the plane like:
The only real risk of a long flight is a DVT (deep venous thrombosis) or blood clot. This is a risk for all travelers on long flights, but pregnant women are at higher risk. To help prevent this from happening, see the tips below. Below are a few travel tips to pregnant women on the go:
1. Book an Aisle Seat – It’s easier access for your hourly walks and trips to the restroom.
2. Prevent Air Sickness – If you are still in the morning sickness phase of pregnancy, air travel may make things worse. Ask your practitioner for an anti-nausea medication to take with you.
3. Wear Pantyhose – Some practitioners recommend that you wear support stockings to increase circulation and prevent a blood clot from developing in your leg.
4. Take a Walk – Avoid being immobilized for long periods of time.
5.Take an empty water bottle with you in carry-on luggage and fill it up after you get through security.
6. Go Gas Free – Don’t drink or eat any gas-producing items (carbonated beverages, refried beans, etc.) before or during your flight. Entrapped gas expands at higher altitudes and can give you a stomachache.
7. Carry snacks and know your pressure points!

Quick update:
I found a midwife and I love her/them! Am feeling slightly tired and a bit of nausea but nothing major. Eating mini meals through out the day. Loads of fruits makes me happy!

Was worried a little about traveling and feeling sick, but it was better than I thought! If you feel like you will have a harder time then don’t force yourself! Talk with your doctor/mid wife before you book any flights.
This site had loads of info Pregnancy.org

Products mentioned in the video: Sockwell Circulator SockBella Band Camelback Water Bottle Ginger Chews

What to do this Weekend…Cooling Masks

Summer is almost over I know…sad times. But here in LA it is still pretty hot! It’s actually warming up!
Anyways, been finding all these cooling masks and been dying to try them out. I can only imagine how good it will feel on my face during a hot summer evening…ahhhhhh (day dreaming)
…K! Back to the blog…

Stopped by the store yesterday and over heard the lady telling the customer how she keeps her REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask in the fridge and that it feels soooo good when she does a mask before bed. Well, she convinced me and I got a sample! Mask that brightens and renews skintone and texture, minimizes pores….the list goes on for about ten more things. Plus its cooling. How could you not!

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gel, I have tried in the past. I admit…I may have forgot about them, ONLY because it was a sample. But now that its back in my brain I want to use these again because I remember they actually work! The delicate skin under your eyes needs just as much pampering as your face. These puppies only need to be on for ten minutes and it helps firm and de-puff. I would use this year round. Perfect for mornings for sure!

Toners in the fridge is a GREAT way to get an extra umph through out the day or even adding it into your daily skin routine during the summer! I laid them out from the most affordable (A) Evian Water Spray. I usually always carry one during the summer since its an easy way to cool down and to blot your skin from sweat. Take it into the bathroom, get some tissue paper, place on skin and spray on top. Instant mini face mask for dewey finish! (B) Benefit Radiance Facial Mist is great for your morning routine for a longer lasting hydration for your skin. (C) Jurlique Rosewater Mist is as gorgeous as it gets. Feel like your at a rose garden spa when you spray this. The rose extract calms redness and irritation. I would use it right before bed too! Sweet rose dreams….ahhhhhh

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask, I mean…what part of that product does not scream “cooling” (even the color is soothing to look at) I haven’t tried many gel masks and may have to start. Am totally leaning towards buying this product right now.Refreshing, cooling, moisturizing, calming formulated with cucumber, papaya, chamomile, aloe, and much, much more. Plus its sensitive to skin! Gahhh … Need… This…

Also found this link for homemade cooling masks if you are wanting to go au natural! (plus you might already have everything in your fridge) Check out the link HERE

IKEA Raskog Cart in Every Room

I have this cart at home and have been slightly obsessed. To top that off I got an email today on a few DIY projects and in it were “10 Different Ways to Use the Cart” Since I read the article I have been on Pinterest looking at how everyone uses it and now I want more!! LOL I have been in the hunt for the light blue color ( I own the Ivory) but looking at these hacks it makes me want to purchase them and just paint them myself!
Personally I use it to keep all my YouTube/Camera gear on there. Keep the top open to use as a table, that way I can have it all there and pick up from it while I shoot. 2nd row are my camera’s and cords, mics, batteries and memory cards. Bottom row I keep for all the extension cords, plugs and all the bulkier things. Not as organized as I want, but it works for now.
Here I found some idea’s that I want to try myself and hopefully it will inspire you to get one!

If you are a crafter like me then maybe a cart to keep all your papers, washi tape and all the other things inbetween!
More on how she organizes on her blog HERE

Heck! Paint it black and make it into a roll around BAR! More HERE.

Always a great touch to store your european bottled water and fresh fruit on a cart in your kitchen!Blog HERE

Plants! Such a good idea to have them on wheels. That way you can let them sunbathe or re-arrange the room whenever you want!

This maybe a real thing for me….using it in the future nursery.Thinking of shoes on bottom and diapers on top maybe??

How would you use the Ikea Raskog Cart? Idea’s are WIDE open!!

July Favorites


My monthly favorites may come a little late..but it doesn’t mean they aren’t my favorite anymore! lol Its a little late and want to get back to doing more of these, so here is to a new start!! cheers to that!

Laneige Sleeping Night Mask
VDL Primer
Tancho Stick Tique
Shu Uemura eyelash curler
PF Candle Co Mojave