Toilet Paper Tube Spaceship-Quarantine DIY

Super easy and quick DIY to do with your kids is to use the left over toilet paper rolls from the #stayhome #quarantinelife All materials are things I had at home (dont even have to risk your health for going out to grab these things)

After we made this my son was playing with his spaceship for two days. Its like it was a new toy and we never had to go to Target to get him something. Kids are so easily entertained! Their imaginations are the best

Toilet Paper Tube FREE



White Paint

Hot Glue Gun

Toy Box, Cereal Box, Cracker Box FREE

Quick Mothers Day DIY

Quick! You have one day left!! What to do?
Here are some idea’s you can make today-tomorrow. Or maybe make it together with mom! Would be a nice way to take her mind off things and a little down time to catch up!!

DIY&Photo from HomeyOhMy
Looks and should smell so nice! It’s basically mixing some things you have in the kitchen with some little things you purchase at the store. Not too hard

DIY&Photo from Curbly

Patterned Cork Coasters
Was looking for some new coasters for home.Love the look Curbly made…BUT I have other pattern idea’s.hehehe

DIY&Photo from TheLovelyDrawer

Tissue Paper Fruit Art
So easy and so chic! I would do a pineapple and some berries maybe? Heck! Make your mama a fruit basket!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.10.10 PM
DIY&Photo by ChasingGold

Printable Mothers Day Cards
AND if you forget to grab your mom a card, no worries! There are plenty of sites or Etsy stores where you can just print it out yourself.

These are just a couple idea’s. Are you going to give it a try? If you do lemme know!

New Moon Paper Goods on ETSY


This is a little project that I have been wanting to do for a very long time…just never had the confidence to do it! Even though I do graphic design for other companies or for friends, when it comes to you using your creativity fully and on paper to sell…then for some reason my fear kept kicking in. But I have finally swept my fear away and posted some holiday cards up on my Etsy site this past weekend! And the response has been amazing! Been getting a lot of likes. Thank you!!! I know I posted these a little late for the actual holiday season, but thats okay. I am learning and now that I have the shop up I have to keep up with new cards for the next year! Am already working on some idea’s and cannot wait to show you when the time comes;)

If you get the chance to go and take a peek at my Etsy site, please come and say “hello!” Would love to hear from you!!


DIY Projects to Try this Week


I am constantly pinning new projects I want to try out and instead of just keeping it up on my board I thought it would be fun to share them weekly (or bi-weekly) with you! This way we can DIY together or maybe it will spark a little inspiration for something similar. Also wanted to post during the beginning of the week because if you are going to try these DIY’s over the weekend then you are gonna need a little bit of prep time…Wether its ordering it on Amazon or heading out the store first thing Saturday morning! Here are just a few I found this week that got me excited:

1. Hide jewels or other valuables in this Crystal Knob Boxes Homey Oh My

2. Re-vamp your dinner table with Black and White Printed Napkins I Spy DIY
napkins PM

3. For Washi Tape enthusiests like myself Washi Tape Holder The Crafted Life

4. Easy and Minimal Photo Wall Hanger Homey Oh My
wall PM

5. I have so many wrapping paper I want to use for this Envelope Liner Oh Happy Day
envelope PM

6. I am at IKEA every week anyways, might as well try this hack for my shelf Kate Spade Inspired Storage Bins First Home Love Life

IKEA Raskog Cart in Every Room

I have this cart at home and have been slightly obsessed. To top that off I got an email today on a few DIY projects and in it were “10 Different Ways to Use the Cart” Since I read the article I have been on Pinterest looking at how everyone uses it and now I want more!! LOL I have been in the hunt for the light blue color ( I own the Ivory) but looking at these hacks it makes me want to purchase them and just paint them myself!
Personally I use it to keep all my YouTube/Camera gear on there. Keep the top open to use as a table, that way I can have it all there and pick up from it while I shoot. 2nd row are my camera’s and cords, mics, batteries and memory cards. Bottom row I keep for all the extension cords, plugs and all the bulkier things. Not as organized as I want, but it works for now.
Here I found some idea’s that I want to try myself and hopefully it will inspire you to get one!

If you are a crafter like me then maybe a cart to keep all your papers, washi tape and all the other things inbetween!
More on how she organizes on her blog HERE

Heck! Paint it black and make it into a roll around BAR! More HERE.

Always a great touch to store your european bottled water and fresh fruit on a cart in your kitchen!Blog HERE

Plants! Such a good idea to have them on wheels. That way you can let them sunbathe or re-arrange the room whenever you want!

This maybe a real thing for me….using it in the future nursery.Thinking of shoes on bottom and diapers on top maybe??

How would you use the Ikea Raskog Cart? Idea’s are WIDE open!!

Triangle DIY Rug | Ace 31 Days Of Color

“Ace Hardware has provided free paint samples.  I was also compensated for my time and this blog post. All opinions and positions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.”


I am super excited to be working with the Ace Paint Studio on the 31 Days Of Color campaign. Been wanting to do a painting DIY for the longest time and this just gave me the best opportunity to do so! Before I started the project I went down to my local Ace Hardware store to see what the Paint Studio was all about and thats where I got really inspired! Going to The Paint Studio at Ace is like going to your neighbor. Seeing all the beautiful colors I started to pick the color cards and mix and match them. I actually bought another jar of paint, but am going to save it for another project!…that will be in another post! lol





The How To is after the jump….

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Spring Party

Been on Pinterest a lot and now a spring party needs to happen.
Been finding all these amazing things to make or decorate your home. I sooo want to try!! Maybe I can plan for a chic Easter Party?! Is it too much? Just want to keep it simple!

Won’t be using strings with my balloons, I will be replacing it with a floral garland.


And since Peonies are in season, I can have them out in these silver (or gold) mason jars


Now I know what to put out for cheeses and salami thanks to this Celebrations at Home post.

Printable DIY’s

I have been finding all these amazing printable DIY’s online and thought I would share so you can spend your weekend creating something! Finding time to create and do artsy things is the most luxurious, isn’t it?

If you make them or not, they are totally Pintrest friendly.

Printable Lunch Bags




Printable Chalkboard Letters to top off your cupcakes!! SO genius!

chalkboard printable alphabet bunting with cupcakes


If you wanna be more organized and plan the meals for the week, use this awesome Meal Planner



Clipboard Wall Art


Maybe you want to bake some cookies and give to your friends! Then go with the Printable Cookie baggies


Happy Weekend everyone!

If you wanna see more DIY’s come check out my PINTEREST page!!