DIY Projects to Try this Week


I am constantly pinning new projects I want to try out and instead of just keeping it up on my board I thought it would be fun to share them weekly (or bi-weekly) with you! This way we can DIY together or maybe it will spark a little inspiration for something similar. Also wanted to post during the beginning of the week because if you are going to try these DIY’s over the weekend then you are gonna need a little bit of prep time…Wether its ordering it on Amazon or heading out the store first thing Saturday morning! Here are just a few I found this week that got me excited:

1. Hide jewels or other valuables in this Crystal Knob Boxes Homey Oh My

2. Re-vamp your dinner table with Black and White Printed Napkins I Spy DIY
napkins PM

3. For Washi Tape enthusiests like myself Washi Tape Holder The Crafted Life

4. Easy and Minimal Photo Wall Hanger Homey Oh My
wall PM

5. I have so many wrapping paper I want to use for this Envelope Liner Oh Happy Day
envelope PM

6. I am at IKEA every week anyways, might as well try this hack for my shelf Kate Spade Inspired Storage Bins First Home Love Life

Triangle DIY Rug | Ace 31 Days Of Color

“Ace Hardware has provided free paint samples.  I was also compensated for my time and this blog post. All opinions and positions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.”


I am super excited to be working with the Ace Paint Studio on the 31 Days Of Color campaign. Been wanting to do a painting DIY for the longest time and this just gave me the best opportunity to do so! Before I started the project I went down to my local Ace Hardware store to see what the Paint Studio was all about and thats where I got really inspired! Going to The Paint Studio at Ace is like going to your neighbor. Seeing all the beautiful colors I started to pick the color cards and mix and match them. I actually bought another jar of paint, but am going to save it for another project!…that will be in another post! lol





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