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“Ace Hardware has provided free paint samples.  I was also compensated for my time and this blog post. All opinions and positions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.”


I am super excited to be working with the Ace Paint Studio on the 31 Days Of Color campaign. Been wanting to do a painting DIY for the longest time and this just gave me the best opportunity to do so! Before I started the project I went down to my local Ace Hardware store to see what the Paint Studio was all about and thats where I got really inspired! Going to The Paint Studio at Ace is like going to your neighbor. Seeing all the beautiful colors I started to pick the color cards and mix and match them. I actually bought another jar of paint, but am going to save it for another project!…that will be in another post! lol





The How To is after the jump….

Todays Color is the “Flair For Fashion” feels like a muted blue but its actually a lovely deep lilac with hints of grey (in my eyes!) In the bottle it seems darker and when I started using it the purple’ness started to peep out and I LOVED it! If I was not renting and allowed to paint my wall I would have, thats how much I love this color!
Today’s DIY you ask? I have been wanting a rug for the living or work room for the longest time. And I’m sure all of you know…rugs can be very expensive. Especially if you want the pretty designed ones…know that you will be handing over a couple of benjamins. Soooo I remember seeing some DIY rugs before and so I thought I would try it myself!!


Here is what I used:
+ Clark + Kensington paint in “Flair For Fashion” from the Ace Paint Studio
+Painters Tape
+Small Roller and Tray
+Rug 3×5 (it was a cheap rug!yay)

The process itself was surprisingly easy too! Although I should have calculated some more on how big the triangles should be so that it would all evenly fit on the rug, I am not good with math and was too excited!Either way I am happy with my result.Totally satisfied!
For step one, measure how big you want your triangles to be. I wanted large ones so I made them 12 inches high. But then again if you want them all to fit on your rug, you might want to divide it all and do the math before you start!



What I did was a horizontal line going across at the 12″ mark going all the way down.
Then when it was time to create a triangle I placed my ruler so that each triangle would be 12 inches wide and created a triangle with the tape. Should look something like the bottom pic you see here↓


Now starts the fun part! Take the Flair for Fashion color into the tray and you are going to start painting in between the lines! Just don’t forget that you are going to want to color every other triangle! (post a little piece of painters tape in the triangles if you think you will get confused)

Step4AceFMN Step5AceFMN


The color was so vibrant and thick (in a good way) it was so easy to use! One coat would’ve been enough, but I knew this carpet would get a lot of foot traffic, so I went and applied two coats of paint. Now you let it dry! I left mine un-touched over night and peeled off the tape in the morning and it was ready to go. You just made yourself a beautiful geaometric’ish rug!!

Step6AceFMN Step7AceFMN



I also thought of adding some color around the triangle but will have to get to it some other time. Maybe when I want to re-vamp it I will! But here are some complimentary colors for Flair for Fashion: Designer White, Satsuma Tangerine, Dried Apricot, Baby’s Whisper, Silver Patina and Concrete.

Step8AceFMN copy


Check out the Ace Paint Studio 31 Days of Color at noon EST every day (Today is actually the LAST DAY!..sad face..)  But you still can goto the site to uncover new colors, inspiration and expert tips. Be one of the first 1,000 to get a free sample of the color of the day! You can also enter 31 Days of Color Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $10,000 paint makeover and daily $50 Ace gift cards. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. #31DaysOfColor

Hope you guys get the chance to go to your nearest Ace Hardware store and pick out a lovely color for your own DIY Rug!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Ace via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Ace.



My little one Vincent loves this little carpet like its his and won’t get off it!! lol




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