IKEA Raskog Cart in Every Room

I have this cart at home and have been slightly obsessed. To top that off I got an email today on a few DIY projects and in it were “10 Different Ways to Use the Cart” Since I read the article I have been on Pinterest looking at how everyone uses it and now I want more!! LOL I have been in the hunt for the light blue color ( I own the Ivory) but looking at these hacks it makes me want to purchase them and just paint them myself!
Personally I use it to keep all my YouTube/Camera gear on there. Keep the top open to use as a table, that way I can have it all there and pick up from it while I shoot. 2nd row are my camera’s and cords, mics, batteries and memory cards. Bottom row I keep for all the extension cords, plugs and all the bulkier things. Not as organized as I want, but it works for now.
Here I found some idea’s that I want to try myself and hopefully it will inspire you to get one!

If you are a crafter like me then maybe a cart to keep all your papers, washi tape and all the other things inbetween!
More on how she organizes on her blog HERE

Heck! Paint it black and make it into a roll around BAR! More HERE.

Always a great touch to store your european bottled water and fresh fruit on a cart in your kitchen!Blog HERE

Plants! Such a good idea to have them on wheels. That way you can let them sunbathe or re-arrange the room whenever you want!

This maybe a real thing for me….using it in the future nursery.Thinking of shoes on bottom and diapers on top maybe??

How would you use the Ikea Raskog Cart? Idea’s are WIDE open!!