Pay It Forward with My Fit Foods

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Being pregnant and all I have been on my best behavior for eating healthy. Well, actually my baby is the one telling me to eat healthy for him (thankfully!) During my first and second trimester I have craved a lot of veggies and fruit. But coming into my third trimester there are days that I just don’t want to get up and cook and it has been a struggle of mine to find healthy foods that are quick.
Well… I just got lucky again! First of all I found out that My Fit Foods (Cool spot that offers cooked up meals using fresh, simple and flavorful ingredients) opened up close to where I live! (WUT!) AND they are doing a special “Pay Fit Forward” every Friday during the month of September! I had to share with you guys this awesome news, here is how:

1. Bring in a Friend
You know that having that supportive friend helps maintain healthy habits.

2. Get a Free Meal
You buy one of their delicious meals and your second one is free.

3. Give or Donate
You chose where to give your second meal! You can either give it to a friend or donate it to a local food bank.

Pay Fit Forward- 1

Isn’t this a win/win situation? You buy a meal and get the 2nd one free. AND you are eating healthy! Such an amazing way to get people to eat better and to help the community for those in need. Hopefully sharing this news will encourage you to eat a little more healthy, wellness,nutrition and to help others by donating the extra meal.

Don’t forget its every Friday for the month of September. Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. If you want more information (locations, where they donate, food menu’s)  you can read up on it over here
If you do go, please share and spread the word! Use #PayFitForward

Below are all the meals. So easy to see. Just hard figuring out what you want since there are so many options!! My advice: Check the menu before you go so your not standing in front of the fridge for the longest time like I did! LOL



I already went last Friday and since I didn’t have a pal to share it with I decided to donate:)
I had something from the popular menu, the Spinach & Chicken Enchilada. Yummmm!
I’ve partnered with My Fit Foods to bring you this post. All opinions remain my own.

Printable DIY’s

I have been finding all these amazing printable DIY’s online and thought I would share so you can spend your weekend creating something! Finding time to create and do artsy things is the most luxurious, isn’t it?

If you make them or not, they are totally Pintrest friendly.

Printable Lunch Bags




Printable Chalkboard Letters to top off your cupcakes!! SO genius!

chalkboard printable alphabet bunting with cupcakes


If you wanna be more organized and plan the meals for the week, use this awesome Meal Planner



Clipboard Wall Art


Maybe you want to bake some cookies and give to your friends! Then go with the Printable Cookie baggies


Happy Weekend everyone!

If you wanna see more DIY’s come check out my PINTEREST page!!

Glitter Chocolate for Valentines Day



Just a little idea for that special someone, or if you want to treat yourself to some glittery sweetness, this is the chocolate for you!
I bought some edible glitter in the colors pink, purple and gold and placed it in the candy jewel mold. Advice here is to use a glitter/food duster brush to get the sides and all.( I found out afterwards! whoopsy!) Then you melt the chocolate. The one I got was super easy to do in the microwave. And using a spoon place it in the mold and tap the chocolate into the mold when its all placed.When you let the chocolate cool, dont place it in the fridge or freezer, it will create bubbles or add moisture. Just let it cool in room temperature.
After I took them out the glitter wasn’t on the sides so I went back and added some more glitter!lol The more the merrier, right!
Then go ahead and box those sweets and give it to that special someone! Hopefully you will give it a try and let me know how it turned out!!