Dreaming of The Loft

I found these photos from Honestly WTF and my jaw just dropped! I am dreaming of living in a space like this (lemme tell ya, I do a lot of day dreaming here on this blog, FYI)
Here is just one photo to get you started. More after the jump…






Are your eyes in heart shapes yet?
This place is so dreamy….here is what she wrote:
“The Loft is a periodically recurring pop up store, hosted by Amsterdam venue and event space The Playing Circle. Everything in the beautifully decorated showroom is deep rooted in craftsmanship and natural materials and the rotating designs provide endless amounts of inspiration for any dweller looking to give their home a lift. Plus anything and everything in The Loft is for sale – from the aprons to the lighting fixtures, to the wood burning fireplace to the plants. What an amazing concept – hope they’ll eventually make their way stateside! “

For more, go check out the full post and more photos at Honestly WTF

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  1. Bryant 2015-08-02

    OMG! That looks like on of the Beach houses in Florida! Love the content of this house.

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