Girls Weekend at Madonna Inn

Went on a girls trip a while ago. Finally got the time to edit the video!! eeeek
And re-watching everything made me feel like I was there again! It was just too much fun. Us girls had been talking about going to the Madonna Inn for a while now, so to finally be able to go…and for the experience to be sooo enjoyable was the best!



(video and photo’s after the jump)

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Spring Party

Been on Pinterest a lot and now a spring party needs to happen.
Been finding all these amazing things to make or decorate your home. I sooo want to try!! Maybe I can plan for a chic Easter Party?! Is it too much? Just want to keep it simple!

Won’t be using strings with my balloons, I will be replacing it with a floral garland.


And since Peonies are in season, I can have them out in these silver (or gold) mason jars


Now I know what to put out for cheeses and salami thanks to this Celebrations at Home post.

Printable DIY’s

I have been finding all these amazing printable DIY’s online and thought I would share so you can spend your weekend creating something! Finding time to create and do artsy things is the most luxurious, isn’t it?

If you make them or not, they are totally Pintrest friendly.

Printable Lunch Bags




Printable Chalkboard Letters to top off your cupcakes!! SO genius!

chalkboard printable alphabet bunting with cupcakes


If you wanna be more organized and plan the meals for the week, use this awesome Meal Planner



Clipboard Wall Art


Maybe you want to bake some cookies and give to your friends! Then go with the Printable Cookie baggies


Happy Weekend everyone!

If you wanna see more DIY’s come check out my PINTEREST page!!

My Week in Instagram Photos

3.16.15 This is an after church favorite of ours. A small cute spot in Los Feliz called Homestate, a Texas kitchen for sure. If you get the chance go and try their MIGAS! And of course don’t forget the queso! You can get refills on you chips. P.S Coffee is yumm too!

2015-03-15_14264509103.15.15 It was 94 degrees outside and I decided to wear a little dress I got from UO a while back. And am totally in love with this k(not) clutch from Clau

2015-03-15_14263830023.13.15 If you saw my snapchat then you would know that we are at an arcade bar! These bars are popping up everywhere! It’s going to be my husbands birthday next week so I treated him to some fun retro arcade games and good food at The One Up


3.14.15 My sister in law is getting married this fall and so she booked an appointment to try on wedding dresses in the most cutest little hidden spot Lovely Bride LA If you are looking for unique,vintage, modern dresses that are not the traditional princess dress then this is the spot for you! I had to stop myself from trying one on!!


3.13.15 Been going to a lot of casting recently and I had spotted something I wanted to take a photo of in WeHo but I took an accidental photo of me instead! Whoops!


3.11.15 We had an adventure weekend, last weekend. This was one of the stops are Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Never knew it was here!! Will be posting up a vlog pretty soon:)


3.10.15 One of my favorite things to do is let my skin breathe! So I like to have some days inbetween the week and spend it with no-makeup on. I think my skin likes me doing this.

Talking about Babies!

Yep, todays post is all about trying to have a baby after the age of 30! Its harder than you think folks!! (to some, I know not all ladies have trouble)

Funny that now I can relate to Kim K. on her struggles on trying to conceive! If you saw last nights KUWTK last night, you will know what I am talking about! lol
Wishing all the ladies out there the best of luck! We will become moms!!! Some way or another!


BBT (Basel Body Temperature)
OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kit)
Fertility Acupuncture

Mini Prenatal Rainbow Light , Liquid Vitamin D , Maca Powder , Royal Jelly


Thermometer that works with Kindara App, The Wink
Wink will accurately record your basal body temperature up to 4x faster than other fertility thermometers and automatically sync your temperature to the Kindara app.


February Favorites and Mini Giveaway!


This past month was a busy one and even though my makeup fav’s were low, I had loads to talk about on other things I was excited about!


Urban Decay Lipgloss , Anastasia Eyebrow Pomade

SNAPCHAT: Friediamn

Whistling In The Dark
How They Blog With Kat Lee
Elise Gets Crafty

My new line!

On my LIPS , on my NAILS, with this on TOP

Plus in all that excitement!! hehe I had a few extra things that I kept from the Workshop I did with Space15Twenty Urban Outifitters, that I wanted to share it with you!!
So if you want to grab this little handy booklet and cards that I made then check down below!!
(If you wanna try it out right now, here is the blog post where its all at!)


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