Girls Weekend at Madonna Inn

Went on a girls trip a while ago. Finally got the time to edit the video!! eeeek
And re-watching everything made me feel like I was there again! It was just too much fun. Us girls had been talking about going to the Madonna Inn for a while now, so to finally be able to go…and for the experience to be sooo enjoyable was the best!



(video and photo’s after the jump)

On our way there we stopped by Santa Ynez for the best Italian food ever at Trattoria Grappolo! This place really was super duper delicious (wow my vocabulary is like a child) but I dont know how else to say it! lol
If you do go, then def try the pumpkin pasta. I would share and go family style because you want to try other things for sure! And if you are hanging for a while then also go for a glass of wine!! oooo soo good!




then we did a little stop at Solvang to take a little walk around town. We didn’t have much time since everything was closing so quickly…AND I wish we knew where to go…but we did find some cute spots on our mini adventure!


Then we get to Madonna Inn and we just cannot stop smiling and giggling at everything in sight! They don’t do room tours, so we went online to look for a room. One advice I would give is: When you book your room thru a cheap hotel site then you might not get a cute room.BUT if you book it through their site and request a room/or request a cute room you will FOR SURE get a unique room!Here is room 206


I thought I took more photo’s of the room, but I think I was just filming the whole time! HA! At least you can see when we first discovered that the water flows and the people go around in circles!





Will for sure re-visit and stay in another room! Love this place!
And on our way home we stopped by Avila Beach. Which was so quaint and just the perfect little beach town. We thought of next time also getting a place here to stay too! That way we can enjoy both to the max.
What a fun weekend! Am so blessed to have these girls in my life that we can take mini trips together! Did a lot of much needed girl talk (pillow talk) ! It’s nice to get away every now and then. And to know that you don’t need to go too far!