Package Junkie

Beauty products I usually tend to buy start off by the look. I know…I know… it sound’s shallow (don’t judge a book by its cover)..but if it looks good on your counter then it has too look good on you!…right?
And IF it doesn’t work out …then I guess I can use it as an Instagram prop! lol
Here are some items that just came out or are about to, that I am obsessed with the packaging and look. I want to purchase it all!!!…but I am stopping myself and waiting to hear what other users think about them. soooooo if you have used any of them…please leave me feed back! I REALLY wanna know!

If you know the awesome blog Into the Gloss, then you probably know who created this beautiful AND pink skin care line. Ugh Can it get any cuter?! AND I have heard great things!! They just came out with two new facemasks~ Put it on the #GottaHaveIt list!


R + Co
If you want to part of the cool kids, this is for you! I mean…..each and every product looks like a modern art piece and you can possibly purchase it at the MOCA store! Plus if you swing by their site….it’s even cooler. Each page and the details and color really is like you stepped into a museum. I love everything about it, except that I haven’t tried it yet! Where do I start????!!


Death Valley Dry Shampoo

Mannequin Style Paste

Outer Space flexible Hairspray

The face oil that started it all. I remember almost 10 years back when I first heard about the line and how amazing it was but it was no where to be found. So popular that you couldn’t get your paws on them. I now spot them more and more in the independently owned boutiques and am tempted to buy…and then it goes back to …which one? lol
Rodin Face Oil

Hand Cream

I can keep going on for a while with this list, but I am going to stop there for today. Maybe I will make another post on beautiful products we need to have, even if they are props! (joking…I can’t afford that…or should I ?)

Introducing 6-8

Screenshot 2015-03-04 22.10.26

For the past 6 months my friend and I have been working on a new line 6-8.
(six to eight) It really happened in a way un-intentionally but it also feels like it was MEANT to happen.
Previously I had a clothing line , Monn’Amur. Then I went into making scarves, F&J. Then my last adventure was with AHNIIMURA. We got those tee shirts on Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Rachel Bilson and the list goes on. But it was also a part of the whole collapse of the economy and my showroom was having a hard time, stores weren’t ordering as much and we closed 5, almost 6 years ago.

Now, I am off onto a new venture!My friend Tomo’s favorite number is ‘6’ and mine is ‘8’ and thats how we came up with the name. Then we also thought “We both are freelancers, but it is full time, so the only time we would really have time to work on this was from 6-8!” haha

The site went up yesterday and we are currently selling in Japan only. We plan to put up a shop online soon! Will keep you updated!
AND we are pushing onto getting stores in LA too~! Keep your fingers crossed!! No showroom here, right now we are doing everything direct!Even all our production for this is here in Sunny LA! Eeeek! more work for us, but it feels good having control over it all.

Hope you will click on the site and take a peek!
Its sooo brand new, we would love to hear what you think of it all!!


Screenshot 2015-03-04 23.21.22

Pale Blue x Black

FMN LightBlue x Black 1

FMN LightBlue x Black 3

FMN LightBlue x Black 4

FMN LightBlue x Black 5

Who knew this light and innocent color pale blue (baby Blue) and black would go well together? (yeah ,I guess black goes with many things…) And am so loving this combo right now. I found a few pieces online that I was eyeing to try some looks out. Thoughts?

Light Blue x Black Trend



Cashmere Blend Pencil Skirt TopShop , Gingham Socks TopShop, Cropped Rib Turtle Neck F21,  Oak Leather Jacket ShopBop,  Black Booties MM6, Wildfox Steff Glasses Shopbop, Semi Precious Arrow Studs TopShop, Pleated A-line Dress  DailyLook, Twill Woven Trench F21,  Gladiator Flat Sandal ASOS,  Pamela Love Orion Ring Shopbop,  Square Clutch Bag with Slanted Zip ASOS

Snapchat Me

OMG I am not sure how you invite people onto Snapchat…sorry if my title is not “hip/cool” enough! LOL
starting a new social platform is hard. Especially when you are late! ahem….
My friend told me I should start…so I did. I find it a lot easier than Vine since everyone there is making short stories. This is more of my day to day thing…I think!
Just took a little “How to Snapchat” youtube thing so I feel better than I did yesterday! Eeeekk!
Who do you follow? I found “ryanSeacrest, Cassey Neistat and Who else do you recommend?

Shades of Grey

grey on grey on grey and maybe a dash of something. White or maybe a soft blue..or step out of the lines and do a pop of pale pink?
I am so in love with grey. I wanna style with all shades of grey (nothing to do with the movie!lol)
Grey Monochrome Lovin’








I went browsing online to see what I can find and put together. Here is what I came up with. Click on the link to find out where I got it.