Choies & F21 Haul

I might have done some shopping before the holidays and finally had the time to put up a video!
These are some things that I picked up at Choies and Forever21.



Lips Embroidery Sweater
Navy Blue Plaid Sweater
Pink Faux Clutch


Similar Duster Coat
Beaded Blouse
Moi Hoodie
Velvet Sweatshirt (can’t find it…)
Pink Floyd Top
Grey Turtle Neck
Collar Dress (can’t find this either..)

Returning Back to the Real Life


It’s hard isn’t it…getting back into the real life. Real life meaning work.
After the new years and having at least a week off then trying to get out of bed early in the am to get ready to head to work is hard. It’s cold out, you don’t want to get out of bed, you don’t want to get ready, your lazy and the main reason…you want to sleep in! Get back to that dream of you and Ryan… What?! okay, I am off track….
I have made a few tips for you to get you back into the groove of going back into the real life. Hope this helps!….


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Downward Doggie



Since the new year with a yoga get together happened on the 3rd and since then I have challenged myself to see if I can do yoga everyday (or even every other day)
Now when I pull out my yoga mat my doggie comes out to hang out and do some of his moves on there. It’s been really cute.
This is my third day and my body is sore. A good sore.Will post the video that I did….


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Action Girls



I dont think I have been this excited for some workout/exercise gear in a long time. I do always check out what Stella McCartney does for Adidas. Always loved the ballerina silhouettes.(even though at times it was a little too ruffled in areas you didnt want to show) This next new collection is more for the “younger audience” due to the price range, but I think anyone who loves a pop of color and fashion in their workout gear would appreciate this. More photos inside…


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Thank You 2014


This past year, 2014 has been an interesting one. Some highs and some lows. But it felt like it was an extreme at times. I started off in the new year wanting to do mower for myself. My goal is to be my own boss. (Which I am still working on) and that’s when I found YouTube. My husband told me I should make videos late last year and I thought ” there is no way! I can shoot and edit all my stuff and make it work” but I gave it a shot and somehow I am here with you all now. All 18K of you. How did it go from 300 to now….? I am trying to figure it out. But it’s so nice to know I have friends here. When I had trouble uploading once a week everyone was so warm to say that they will be waiting for how ever long it takes…(tearing up now) 2014 was off to a great start. Got to meet a lot of people and my friendship circle grew!
Then came mid of the year and my mother in laws heart almost beat for its last time and it was hard for the family. We were all scared and lost. But a miracle happened and even though some doctors told us she wasn’t going to make it….. Well, she did make it. And better than ever. I see her full of life now! So beautiful in every way. Love you mama.
Miracles do happen.
Really makes you look at your life and how fragile it is. How we should be doing what we love and makes us smile. It’s such a short dash.
I didn’t travel over seas as much as I wanted. But we did get to go to the Grand Canyon a couple of weeks ago and got energy from some vortex spots in Sedona. I think I am ready for the new year.
Thank you all for being in my life the way you did this past year. I hope our friendship grows more in 2015.
Wishing you all a very happy, fruitful, healthy year! From my family to yours, see you in the new year!! Let’s make 2015 a memorable one.

How was your 2014?