Downward Doggie



Since the new year with a yoga get together happened on the 3rd and since then I have challenged myself to see if I can do yoga everyday (or even every other day)
Now when I pull out my yoga mat my doggie comes out to hang out and do some of his moves on there. It’s been really cute.
This is my third day and my body is sore. A good sore.Will post the video that I did….




Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 11.04.17 PM

There are so many great YOGA video’s up on YouTube, its just hard to find exactly what you want. Trust me, I have tried sooo many video’s and some I was just disappointed. You dont feel anything afterwards.

But with Yoga with Adriene (even though she is preggers in some) is pretty challenging and you feel like you did a mini workout AND your still relaxed. She’s got some great poses and a comforting voice. I like her a lot.

Here is for Strengthening and Lengthening:

Who do you watch when you Yoga? Always looking for new video’s!!

BTW the Yoga Mat I used is from Magic Carpet Yoga Mat