Returning Back to the Real Life


It’s hard isn’t it…getting back into the real life. Real life meaning work.
After the new years and having at least a week off then trying to get out of bed early in the am to get ready to head to work is hard. It’s cold out, you don’t want to get out of bed, you don’t want to get ready, your lazy and the main reason…you want to sleep in! Get back to that dream of you and Ryan… What?! okay, I am off track….
I have made a few tips for you to get you back into the groove of going back into the real life. Hope this helps!….




These are just a few tricks I try to do before/during the first day of work happens:

Go to bed early
I know this is hard.Especially for the creatives. But maybe the night before head to bed earlier than usual and grab a book to read and relax before you doze off. What I like to do is doing a few stretches and possibly a little mediation before bed.Listening to yourself breathe is so comforting. Find your train pass or keys, step away from the wine and go to bed early. Don’t forget to set your alarm!!

Plan ahead
Put your clothes out for the next morning. That way when you wake up you can either change and eat breakfast or shower and pop on your outfits. No need to think and worry about what to wear. Boom at least 5-10 minutes are saved and you can use it for sleep!

Try to eat breakfast before work
So this is actually for the day off, but having a good healthy breakfast will make you feel better!
What I would do is either prepare cut up veggies for a quick smoothie OR even better make it the night before and stick it in the freezer. When you get up while your getting ready let it defrost on your counter! Enjoy your smoothie in the car on the way to work.

While at work
When you get to your desk, bring all the positive mental attitude and a smile on your face( I know I may sound crazy, but creating that smile actually makes it better,easier.)
Don’t be grumpy and unhappy to be there, dont let your colleagues bring you down either…even with their ” I just came back from a family trip to Greece” talk…Focus on the new year, new opportunities, new events. Remind yourself why you enjoy your job (if you don’t, then I think this might be the year to find and DO what YOU really want to do!! Life is so short to waste)

Start Slow
Its okay to take it one thing at a time. You are not the only one who is going to do that.Trust me, people are going to take it easy these next few days. Maybe make a list of tasks, checking emails, voicemails. Ease back into your routine then tackle the bigger projects.

Try to Excercise
I’m not going to say “start running” or “start a gym account” because that will just stress you out and nothing will happen.I am just suggesting to maybe talk a walk around your neighborhood. Or try some home workouts via YouTube. I love my mini 15-20 min yoga videos.
After all the buttery, creamy, heavy foods you consumed during the holidays, you want to start burning that off little by little. If you cant do it in the am, maybe try it in the evening!

I know these are minor things, but they help me. Little things I have picked up through out the years.Hope they some how help you too.

Lemme know your tips and tricks! I want to incorporate it into my routine!