New Undies for New Year


Have you heard about wearing a new pair of underwear on new years eve (to the new year) brings you good luck for the coming year?
I found out from a spanish friend a couple years back and have always gone out to buy a new pair for this special event! I even googled it and this is what I found…




New Year’s Eve; in cities like São Paulo and La Paz, market vendors start displaying brightly colored underpants a few days before the holiday. The most popular colors are red and yellow: red is supposed to bring love in the coming year, and yellow is supposed to bring money.

 YELLOW: a year of prosperity, wealth, and success. (THE most popular and a hard color to find.)

RED: a year full of passion and romance.

PINK: a year of luck in love.

WHITE: a year of peace, harmony and happiness.

BLUE: a year of good health.

GREEN: a year of better luck.

With that being said, I found out that Hanky Panky (my fav undies of all time) are having a sale until 12/31.
Here are some that I picked for myself!( dunno if I will wear it on NYE, but I love HankyPanky so…lol)

Cross-Dye Antoinette Low Rise Thong, Signature Lace Boyshort, Antoinette Low Rise Thong, Bloom Low Rise Thong, Pink Zoe Print V-Kini

Use code HPHOLIDAY (exp. 12/31) at checkout!
Hurry, this offer ends soon! Plus, receive Free Shipping on all orders. Hanky Panky has you covered!
What color undies will you be warring tonight?