Happy New Year GIFT!

Totally late “Happy New Year” to you all! Wishing you all the happiest and most successful year yet! It’s gonna be a good one.
2018 is already feeling a little different, hasn’t it? It has gotten me pumped and inspired to do more! Or… in reality…I will try to post as much as I can being a one woman show lol
BUT, in my heart and soul I want to do SO MUCH MORE its hard sometimes. If you haven’t seen any of my new videos yet, then please do go by my channel and check out some recent vlogs. Another new thing is that I have started a PATREON page and would love to get your support on it in any way you can! Doesn’t even have to be funding! Just you stopping by my ETSY page or shop Instagram or personal IG page and saying hello helps! Knowing you are there helps!;)
For this month I wanted to give back so I thought if I made something downloadable for you to use that it would be easy for the both of us LOL …hope this works.
I have illustrated a handful of wallpapers that I am personally using myself and would love for you to use it on your desktop and/or laptop too! So sorry it is the last week of January, am hoping to do a FEB one pretty soon too so keep an eye out! If you are looking for wallpaper for your tele’s, I have also made some for your phones that you can find on my New Moon Instagram page!


this is my desktop right now!

IPKN x Estherlovesyou


The ever so talented illustrator and friend Esther has collaborated with Korean cosmetic line IPKN. The limited edition 2nd collection came out a while ago and I wanted to show you how I have been using the palette and powders and all in a mini video.
These are products that she gifted to me, if I had known about them sooner I would’ve bought the whole collection (will leave where you can buy it if you live outside of Korea in a link down below) Not only the adorable packaging, but the colors are also just perfect that you will be using it daily…..you WANT to be seen using it! Too cute not to!

GMarket (IPKN x Estherlovesyou)

it cosmetics CC Cream
UD Concealer
Anastasia Brow Wiz
Illamaqua Blush
Miisha Mascara
Revlon Matte lipstick

Vacation or Staycation? Summer Travel Beauty Tips

While this post is sponsored by Target, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own.

newtitleTravelMakeupBagFriediaTargetJune copy

Kids are already out of school (funny how already I pay attention to this now that I am a new mom!) and it’s time to pack and get ready to go on a vacation. Or maybe you decided to stay close or drive a few towns over – road trip! In today’s blog post, I wanted to share some of my travel beauty tips and products to keep your suitcase light and your day-to-day hassle-free.


Let’s talk about hair! When I am out and about on a new adventure, especially during the summer, I want to keep my hair up and away, and as low-maintenance as possible. If you didn’t know, I have curly, wavy, thick hair; normally, I would need to bring around a hair dryer and an iron, but those things can get heavy. Normally, I just hope and wish that the hotel we are staying at will have a dryer and I will pack the shampoo and conditioner and some styling goods. I don’t want to risk using the hotel shampoo and having my hair dry out, so I am going to transfer some Hair Food goodness into smaller containers to take with me. I know I can rely on the sweet-smelling product to keep my hair soft and under control because this shampoo really hydrates without parabens, silicone, mineral oils and dyes. It keeps my hair looking and feeling healthy.


HairFoodFriediaTargetJune copy

BackhairFriediaTargetJune copy
Hair tip number one: With damp, clean hair (add styling product if any), I will either braid or twist my hair into mini buns and go to bed. That way, in the morning when I unravel these babies, I have luscious, bouncy hair. If you want more of a wave, you can braid them instead. Also, depending on how tight the hair buns or braids are, the texture you created for your hair will change.

FrontHairFriediaTargetJune copy

After you have created some texture, here’s an easy way to keep bangs or hair out of your face: Part your hair down the middle. Take a portion of one side. Twist and pin down from the back to hide the pin. (A great style for girls growing out their bangs!)

If the day does get really warm or hot, pull all your hair to the back for a ponytail. I used these hair ties and hair pins.

SideHairFriediaTargetJune copy
Another trick: Hide the hair tie for going out at night. There’s something about hair ties showing that suggests a daytime look. What I do is take a portion from the bottom of the ponytail, twist it around the top of the hair tie and pin the remaining hair on the bottom side, hiding the hairpin away.

SideHairFriediaTargetJune3 copy


MakeupFriediaTargetJune copy

Before I begin, I am going to repeat myself in every beauty blog post and video I create: Never forget your sunscreen!! Especially when you are traveling, you want to use something you are familiar with on your skin and face. My new favorite has been the Bare Republic Mineral Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30. The smell and soft consistency of this is awesome. It really works well as a base for your makeup, and doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy or oily. It’s an amazing chemical-free active sunscreen that was made in California! You will spot me talking about this in my monthly favorites for sure. P.S. On the back of the bottle it says that this size is TSA-safe and perfect for travel.

Okay, now that sunscreen is taken care of, here are some pointers:

No 1: Bring a quad or a small eye-shadow pallet you like, such as this awesome Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow Quad in Shimmering Sands. Perfect colors for everyday; use the bigger sparkle for nights out. Use the other golden tones as a base all over your eyelids. The shadows are beautiful and blend wonderfully.

SoniaKashukFriediaTargetJune copy

No 2: You have been traveling all day and you have decided to go out to explore the city, but you want to hide that your eyes look tired. Use this Sonia Kashuk® Dramatically Brightening Kajal Gel Eyeliner. White eyes will appear brighter and illuminated with the help of this kohl liner. You can use it on the waterline because it won’t irritate thanks to the rose and mimosa waxes that are in this unique-looking liner. I use mine on the inner corners of my eyes for an instant pick-me-up, or, since the whole kohl stick was out, I rubbed it on the top of my cheekbones!


SoniaKashukEyeFriediaTargetJune copy

No 3: : Need impact? Use a color liner! This year’s fashion runways were all about the color liners. I found a great color (very pigmented) from Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in cobalt. This eye pen is super soft, and the color comes out nicely. I know it can be frightening to use a color, so maybe start off with complementing colors! Opposites attract: For my brown eyes, blue hues like purple, lavender, pink, turquoise or gold/copper are great too. If you have blue eyes, try bronze, oranges or a rusty tone. Green-eyed beauties go with purple, gold, dark turquoise or maybe even hazel. If you are looking for other beautiful eye pencils, check out the range that Pixi has from the Endless Silky Eye Pen line!

PixiBluelinerFriediaTargetJune copy

TravellookFriediaTargetJune copy

Glow Mist from Pixi by Petra is another favorite of mine for every day. Literally every day. Not gonna lie, I went to two different Target stores to get one of these, and they are always sold out. Buy it online at Target.com to save some time and gas money!

Use it before you do your makeup to hydrate, protect and nourish. Use it again after to set your look and create a beautiful, dewy finish. Or just anytime to refresh your makeup, hydrate and add some more glow. The best!

PixiGlowmistFriediaTargetJune copy


skincareFriediaTargetJune copy

Other products I have mentioned before are the Laneige products from Korea – I absolutely LOVE the fact that you can get these at Target. During your travels, you want to keep your skin moisturized since you will probably drink less water than usual (it shows on your skin when that happens). The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is a must, and it even helps you to sleep with the calming scent it has! Bye bye, jet lag.

These cuties are from one of their many travel kits: Laneige Good Night Kit Trial Size. In the pink container is the Mulberry Yogurt Repairing Mask, a soft, sweet-smelling cream you place on your clean skin and rinse off after 5 to 10 minutes. It won’t dry your face, and your skin will be so soft you are going to want to use it every night! The blue container is my all-time favorite product from Laneige: Water Sleeping Mask. Use your toner, moisturizer and any other creams (eye, oils, etc.), then place the Sleeping Mask over everything and when you wake in the morning rinse your face with water. Instant overnight pick-me-up! If you don’t want to commit to this amazing product, don’t make me force you. Try one of the other trial kits. You will not regret it!



Here are some of the items mentioned along with other products I will be taking with me on our first family road trip this summer!

1. Pixi by Petra Glow Mist The best mist to carry with you while you explore new destinations.

  1. 2. Bare Republic Mineral Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF If you are looking for a chemical-free, lightweight sunscreen filled with plant-derived antioxidants AND cute packaging that’s Instagram-friendly, look no further!
  1. 3. Sonia Kashuk® Dramatically Brightening Kajal Gel Eyeliner The unique design of the gel eyeliner is easy to use in many ways. It’s a great little item to carry with you on the plane. Right before you land, use it around your eyes and you won’t look like you’ve been sitting for hours!
  1. 4. Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cobalt Pixi’s Eye Pens come in so many different colors. All of them are very pigmented and super soft to use around your eyes. Don’t worry, they come off super easy too!

 5. NYX Matte Liquid Liner So many matte items are trending right now, and this may be one of them. The liquid liner brush is tiny and hard to make a mistake. It stays on your eyelids all day, plus it’s super affordable. Thank you, NYX!

6. Essie® Nail Polish – Funships The new summer collection is pearly, beachy and mermaid-like! I chose the Funships pink color to give my fingertips some summer fun!

7. Laneige Good Night Kit Trial Size This is such a good little kit to have while you travel. It will hydrate your skin so much that after you try the trial size you are going to go back to Target and pick up the full size. True story!

8. Sonia Kashuk® Eye Shadow Quads So many beautiful quad combinations. I chose the gold tones because I know I can use it every day, and I don’t want to overwhelm myself by carrying a huge palette knowing that I will only use the same 2 or 3 colors.

9. Sonia Kashuk® Soft Cosmetic Bag Sonia has so many cute makeup bags in so many sizes! This would be my carry-on, everyday size. It’s the perfect shape that fits just enough makeup. The pattern is adorable and makes me smile! If you are looking for more of a carry-all makeup bag, she has those too!

Another thing I want to say is that you can buy everything I mentioned and all your traveling goods (backpack, snacks, digital cameras, etc.) at your local Target or at Target.com. I hope everyone has the best time while out and about! Safe travels and hopefully I have helped on what to bring beauty-wise in some small way!

Find your style @targetstyle.



Easy Summer Updo’s with Target Beauty

While this post is sponsored by Target, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own.


Summer is right around the corner, and with all the formal events like prom, weddings, graduations, date nights with the husband (that is what I look forward to the most) or even just wanting to put your hair up for a ladies’ brunch, I have come up with three hairstyles that are very easy to do! I added a few makeup favorites that work with the looks, and you can find all the products at your local Target. Or, better yet, buy it online; Target offers free shipping on orders of more than $25 and free returns on every order. Best online store for all Target goodies (I wasn’t even told to say that; it really is a personal favorite! LOL!)


The first look I am going to show you is probably my favorite out of all of them. When I’ve done this hairstyle in the past, I have been asked a handful of times what salon or hairstylist I used. It’s fairly easy and, now that my hair is shoulder-length, it’s fun to do. It mainly combines twists and knots.


Start off by parting your hair right down the middle. I always say second-day hair is the best to style, but freshly washed hair is perfect too.


1. Part your bangs from the top to your ears, and pin your bangs to the side for now.

2. Now part your hair in the back into two parts: top and bottom.

3. I love using the Nexxus Frizz Defy Finishing Mist because it protects from heat and it has a nice hold. Spray onto the bottom half.

4. Using the Nu.Me Curling Wand, take pieces and lightly curl your hair, creating texture.

5. Part the bottom into two parts with a slight twist.

6. Tie your hair like you would any knot!

7. If your hair is long enough, tie it again.

8. Now tuck the ends in and pin away.

9. Do the same with the top half. Spray, heat, twist and tie into a knot, then pin away.

Now for some tips and tricks and the makeup items I used to finish this look. Don’t forget, I have two more hairstyles I want to show you. So keep reading…

Read More

April Favorites-Korres, Biore, Bobbi Brown, Colour Pop

Korres Cleanser
Biore Baking Soda Scrub
Bobbi Brown Camel
Colour Pop
Amaze Eyeshadow
Lippie Sticks Julep

Quick Mothers Day DIY

Quick! You have one day left!! What to do?
Here are some idea’s you can make today-tomorrow. Or maybe make it together with mom! Would be a nice way to take her mind off things and a little down time to catch up!!

DIY&Photo from HomeyOhMy
Looks and should smell so nice! It’s basically mixing some things you have in the kitchen with some little things you purchase at the store. Not too hard

DIY&Photo from Curbly

Patterned Cork Coasters
Was looking for some new coasters for home.Love the look Curbly made…BUT I have other pattern idea’s.hehehe

DIY&Photo from TheLovelyDrawer

Tissue Paper Fruit Art
So easy and so chic! I would do a pineapple and some berries maybe? Heck! Make your mama a fruit basket!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.10.10 PM
DIY&Photo by ChasingGold

Printable Mothers Day Cards
AND if you forget to grab your mom a card, no worries! There are plenty of sites or Etsy stores where you can just print it out yourself.

These are just a couple idea’s. Are you going to give it a try? If you do lemme know!

I belive in you

There have been so many changes career wise with not just me but with my friends around me. Even though it is scary to not know where you are going to work next or if you can find a stable job that will pay you every month. I have chosen to take the leap and believe in myself again!
My first job was at a coffee shop in Japan. After that even though my dad didn’t think I could do it I conquered my fears and made a leap to try TV and I was one of the first “half/ha-fu talents” in Japan. Found out I didn’t like the people who ran the industry and came to LA to pursue my love for fashion. After two years for working in an office and learning the in’s and outs of designing and doing full production in Los Angeles I quit and started my own line…a few lines actually. The third one AHNIIMURA probably did the best if we are going off of sales and celebrity sightings wearing our tee’s. But then my partner and I decided to go our own ways and that was that. I have been freelancing on my own since then. As much as I would like to think I was working half time for myself, I wasn’t. I was freelancing under contract for one company and now they have decided they want to cut my job in half….. That’s when I panicked for a minute (new mom, new baby. no way I can find a full time or even part time job right now) and then thought… I got this.
This is the universe kicking my butt into action and telling me to do what I REALLY want to do! And so I am going to try.
I have been a mom for two months now and am hoping I will find more time (fingers crossed while all other moms are smirking at me thinking “it’s not possible”) to be able to work on what I want to do which is be a real content creator on YouTube/Blogger. Work on my Etsy shop creating paper goods. Wether that be cards, stationary or my recent love of planner stickers!! Eventually I would love to have a store AND have a small production company. I really do enjoy creating video’s and would love to work behind the camera and create cool videos for other companies!
I know there is a ways to go on my dream’s but I am going to believe in myself as much as I believe in my friends. I believe in all of you!

Newborn Runny Nose Remedy

I have only been a mom for two weeks and my little one decides to throw me the “I have a runny nose, AND I am a newborn” challenge! So I did what any new mother would do and go online to find information! “Google It” ! The information I got was good. It was basic, but good. The down side was that since he is a newborn that all we can really do is just wait it out! Wait 7-10 days! A whole week of the sniffles!!!I have no idea how thats gonna happen!
(make sure you check out the symptoms of why you would NEED to take your baby to the doctors)
Let’s start with the basics on what I found:
1. Saline (Saltwater) drops
You can purchase or make your own to apply in the babys nose to remove some mucus.
2.Remove Mucus
Use a cotton swab with warm water to clean around the baby’s nose.
3.Give him love pats
Lay the baby across your knee’s and gently pat with cupped hand. You want to loosen the mucus in the chest.
4.Vaporize or Humidifier
A cool-mist vaporizer or humidifier in your baby’s room to add moisture to the air.Clean the machine regularly so mold doesn’t grow inside!
5. Know when to wait it out
Not every stuffy, runny nose needs treatment. If it’s not bothering your baby, you don’t have to do anything. As long as your little one is active and eats and drinks normally, it’s fine to wait and watch.

NOW all of that is great and all but I needed something else, so I asked my midwife and she gave me some awesome idea’s that actually worked! It’s all a natural way to heal, so it didn’t happen over night.But today is day three and he is breathing a lot better through his mini nostrils.
1. Eucalyptus Oil
In your humidifier or in a diffuser. Just make sure you have pure oil!
If you do not have either of the machines then you can bring the baby into the bathroom with you when you shower/bath and drop some oil in the tub. It will help your mini me breath!
2.Lavender Oil
Place the oil on his earlobes, chest and bottom of his feet. Use pure oil.
I thought the oil would be too strong so I used a carrier oil and diluted it before I applied it on the baby.
3.Nose Frida
This is something you don’t want to over do because it might irritate the nose, but using a Nose Frida (or even a nasal aspirator) before the baby breast feeds or right before bed will help them breath a little easier.
4.Breast Milk
No need for saline, you have something better. Your breast milk is an amazing miracle liquid in so many ways! Adding little drops of breast milk in your baby’s nose will help. Try squeezing a few drops of breast milk into his nose to loosen congestion; some experts say that the milk’s antimicrobial properties can help.
5.Keep Baby Upright
Because it’s so hard to breath, try keeping him in a car seat, in your sling in an upright or angled position or when you lay him down to use a wedge to incline the mattress. The incline helps the mucus to drain better down the throat and avoid sticking around inside the nasal cavities.
6.MOM- Keep Hydrated and Vitamin C
You want to be in the nest shape possible for your baby and making sure you have enough breast milk and are full of vitamins! Don’t slack:)

Good Luck mama’s! Hang in there!! Your newborn will be better in no time!

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