Easy Summer Updo’s with Target Beauty

While this post is sponsored by Target, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own.


Summer is right around the corner, and with all the formal events like prom, weddings, graduations, date nights with the husband (that is what I look forward to the most) or even just wanting to put your hair up for a ladies’ brunch, I have come up with three hairstyles that are very easy to do! I added a few makeup favorites that work with the looks, and you can find all the products at your local Target. Or, better yet, buy it online; Target offers free shipping on orders of more than $25 and free returns on every order. Best online store for all Target goodies (I wasn’t even told to say that; it really is a personal favorite! LOL!)


The first look I am going to show you is probably my favorite out of all of them. When I’ve done this hairstyle in the past, I have been asked a handful of times what salon or hairstylist I used. It’s fairly easy and, now that my hair is shoulder-length, it’s fun to do. It mainly combines twists and knots.


Start off by parting your hair right down the middle. I always say second-day hair is the best to style, but freshly washed hair is perfect too.


1. Part your bangs from the top to your ears, and pin your bangs to the side for now.

2. Now part your hair in the back into two parts: top and bottom.

3. I love using the Nexxus Frizz Defy Finishing Mist because it protects from heat and it has a nice hold. Spray onto the bottom half.

4. Using the Nu.Me Curling Wand, take pieces and lightly curl your hair, creating texture.

5. Part the bottom into two parts with a slight twist.

6. Tie your hair like you would any knot!

7. If your hair is long enough, tie it again.

8. Now tuck the ends in and pin away.

9. Do the same with the top half. Spray, heat, twist and tie into a knot, then pin away.

Now for some tips and tricks and the makeup items I used to finish this look. Don’t forget, I have two more hairstyles I want to show you. So keep reading…


nexxussoftFMN softteaseFMN

A little secret to add a little more oomph to the bangs is teasing the hair with your fingers so it’s not as harsh.


You want to have definition to your face for this look. It will make the look seem more expensive! I used the W3LL People Bronzing Stick and created some contour, applying it to the bottom of my cheekbones and blending it all in with my fingers.


I finished the whole look with the perfect red lips. Not too strong and oh so perfect Pixi Mattelustre lipstick in Raspberry Blush.

Here is the finished look. Wasn’t that pretty simple? And you are probably thinking you can do it—and you can! Hopefully you will give it a try. It’s a great style for any upcoming event.

softFINFMN softupdoBACKFMN

When you hear about the next look, you may think it’s an office-lady look. But when I saw this on someone and it was low and messy, it looked so chic and French! Here it is:



1. Part your hair to the side.

2. Apply your Nexxus Mousse and Volumizing Foam from bottom up. You want some texture and volume.

3. Give yourself a head massage. Messy is sexy.

4. Pull your hair into a low ponytail and twist.

5. Raise the hair while twisting.

6. Tuck the end of your hair back into the twist part.

7. Finish the look by adding more bobby pins into the twist to secure.

8. Slowly pull out some hairs upwards to create a messy twist.

9. Spray your bangs into place with Nexxus Frizz Defy Finishing Mist.

The last look needs no heat and no product. I was imagining this to be the perfect summer updo for all your events or errands. I even used my bed head for this look. Easy, effortless and still looking stylish!



1. Section your hair on the top and pull back.

2. Tie the hair and twist.

3. Form a little bun and pin.

4. Pull hair up from the top and from your bun. Loose hair makes it look effortless.

5. Grab some hair from the side and start braiding.

6. Instead of using a bulky hair tie, tease the end with a comb.

7. Pull the braid out a little.

8. Now go out and feel good about your day! Done!


Maybe when you are heading out, you just want a flush of color? I’ve been loving this PIXI Sheer Cheek Gel in Rosy. It’s easy to apply on your cheeks and very buildable. Apply a little with your finger and wait for the color to come up, then apply more to the amount of color you want. My first time with this, I put on too much and the color came up later! It’s hard to explain unless you’ve tried this!


You really, truly can find everything you need for a perfect updo at Target! I loved these products, and I will be using them more than just when I’m heading out to a special event. Hopefully you will try these hairstyles this summer. If you do, tag me and use #TargetStyle, #mybeautybytarget, and @TargetStyle.

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