Gender Reveal Party!!


Finally the day came when we found out the gender of our baby! We did a simple blood test with MaterniT21 (for detecting fetal chromosomal abnormalities along with the gender between 11-14 weeks) We chose to go with this because it was just a blood test and not having to go in the amniotic sac to get a check up is what I would rather prefer. Seems to be a new’ish test. Only a few years out and thought, why not!
Seems like the moment the sperm touches the egg the sex of the baby is already decided/chosen (how ever you like to say it) This was news to me! For some reason I thought it would gradually develop?! Pretty amazing that you can 99.9% tell the sex of the baby at such an early stage.

We asked our midwife to send us an envelope with the “top secret info” and I took it to the nearest bakery. It was so last minute too since we were so eager to know and it was the weekend. But it all worked out!
Instead of having a large gathering we just had family around and that was also perfect. My husband was a bit iffy on doing a “gender reveal” anything (he wanted to just open the envelope) but at the end he and I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Don’t want to give it away if you haven’t seen the video yet….BUT
We are so thrilled to have what we are having!