This Week 1.26.15


Its the end of a raining beautiful Monday here in Los Angeles. I am getting ready for this week. Am so excited for everything that will be happening. Little things and some things that just needed to happen.
Thought I would share them with you here and lemme know if you want me to shoot and post them as a video?!

Photo by MicaPhoto





So, the first two photos are from a friend photographer Mica’s site. She does some amazing work. I recently got to meet her for another shoot I was helping on and reached out to her a few weeks back asking if she would like to shoot some stuff for fun?!
And her response was “YES!” so finally that day is going to be here…it’s actually tomorrow!
All day today I have been trying to figure out what to wear and how I want to do my makeup!! FUN! But also hard to do when there is SO MUCH you WANT TO DO! eeek
And the last two photos are from my friends line “Pluie” You may have heard me talk about it, rave about it and wear it almost every day. They make the cutest hair accessories! Well, the designer is also a hairstylist and she said she would do my hair!
I get two friends to shoot and make me look good while we get to hang out for half a day, how lucky can one get?!
There is still so much I need to do tonight, but am so excited I might not even be able to sleep. lol

THEN! At the end of the week, we are taking a girls trip down to the Madonna Inn


Have any of you been? The rooms look amazing!! Not sure what we got yet… But out of the 110 rooms I think we can talk them into a cute one once we get there. (if anything) I heard that the trick is calling in for the room and not going through expedia, kayak etc.
We have been talking about this trip for a while. I am very much looking forward to it!!
Now we just need to figure out what else to do in San Luis Obispo, California. Any idea’s??

Last but not least (still a few other things going in in my little week) I am planning to so a Self Image video and it has been loads of fun thinking of what to say and shooting the extra things for the inbetween shots. In my mind I am thinking movie scenes from “Tree Of Life” ..but mine will be way more indie! lol

OH! And tomorrow I did a funny video with my husband…the Whisper Challenge!!! I laughed so hard, but I dont think I picked the right words…This is where I am going to say there was a culture gap/problem something about me not being raised fully in the states excuse. haha

Lemme know if you want to see me vlog any of these days~!



  1. Christine Lau 2015-01-27

    Oh how fun! Can’t wait to see the outcome of the shoot! Also, have fun at Madonna Inn!! 🙂

    • Friedia 2015-01-30

      Thank you! The shoot went so well~ Am excited to show everyone. And YES to Madonna INN~!! Sooo excited~

  2. Andi 2015-01-27

    That hotel looks like Alice and wonderland…how cool! Looks like it will be super fun. There’s this bbq place in San Luis called Firestone Grill that’s supposed to be super good. The whisper challenge sounds so funny. Can’t wait to see the video. 🙂

    • Friedia 2015-01-30

      Thanks ANDI! I will check out that BBQ spot!! yummmm~ Whisper Challenge is already up, but will be posting it up on my blog too! ( I always keep forgetting:(…)

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