I belive in you

There have been so many changes career wise with not just me but with my friends around me. Even though it is scary to not know where you are going to work next or if you can find a stable job that will pay you every month. I have chosen to take the leap and believe in myself again!
My first job was at a coffee shop in Japan. After that even though my dad didn’t think I could do it I conquered my fears and made a leap to try TV and I was one of the first “half/ha-fu talents” in Japan. Found out I didn’t like the people who ran the industry and came to LA to pursue my love for fashion. After two years for working in an office and learning the in’s and outs of designing and doing full production in Los Angeles I quit and started my own line…a few lines actually. The third one AHNIIMURA probably did the best if we are going off of sales and celebrity sightings wearing our tee’s. But then my partner and I decided to go our own ways and that was that. I have been freelancing on my own since then. As much as I would like to think I was working half time for myself, I wasn’t. I was freelancing under contract for one company and now they have decided they want to cut my job in half….. That’s when I panicked for a minute (new mom, new baby. no way I can find a full time or even part time job right now) and then thought… I got this.
This is the universe kicking my butt into action and telling me to do what I REALLY want to do! And so I am going to try.
I have been a mom for two months now and am hoping I will find more time (fingers crossed while all other moms are smirking at me thinking “it’s not possible”) to be able to work on what I want to do which is be a real content creator on YouTube/Blogger. Work on my Etsy shop creating paper goods. Wether that be cards, stationary or my recent love of planner stickers!! Eventually I would love to have a store AND have a small production company. I really do enjoy creating video’s and would love to work behind the camera and create cool videos for other companies!
I know there is a ways to go on my dream’s but I am going to believe in myself as much as I believe in my friends. I believe in all of you!

February Favorites

Everest’s Nursery is Almost Done


It has been a process and I don’t know if it will ever become the “pinterest dream room” that I think of…but its a working progress. Since my newborn is still 2 months and sleeping in our room.. ehem our bed. We haven’t used the nursery for sleeping reasons BUT we are in there a lot! We change him, play with him, rock him all in that tiny room! I made a quick video of a tour of his “adventure/woodland theme” room.

Click here are my nursery inspirations from my Pinterest board


Recent Quick Makeup


Being a mom, it is tough to find time to put on some make up! Let along finding time to eat, bathe, sleep…. endless list of things I would rather do some days.
BUT come to find out, putting on a little bit of makeup makes me feel soooo much better! Makes me actually productive and I even want to go outside and walk or better yet, talk to other human’s!
In todays video I show you what I do when I have 10-15 min to put on my “basic” makeup face so I don’t feel so gross. Now even some of these products I cut back and don’t touch some days, but you will get the jist of it all.

Primer Too Faced , E.E Cream , Age Rewind Brightner , UD Naked Concealer , Fit Me Translucent Powder , Hourglass Palette , Anastasia Brow Wiz , Glossier Boy Brow , Eyeko Eyeliner , Eyelash Curler , Mascara , Nars Rikugein

Having Flat Nipples


Breast feeding struggles are real, wether you have flat nipples or not. When you look at the bigger picture, why do you think there are sooooo many breast feeding classes, teachers, books and even consultants out there? Funny to think I was going to go into breast feeding at an ease…Honestly it was one of the most hardest things I had to work on. SO many nights (and mornings!) where I cried thinking that I had failed. But I kept at it and learned a lot from it.Thank goodness I had midwives because who else do you talk about your nipples too? All my mom friends didn’t have to go what I went through (they had their own struggles) so I thought I should share my story to let you know that you are not alone and to not give up hope! Even with flat or introverted nipples, we can stil breast feed our babies! We just need a few tools and pointers. Good Luck Mama’s!

Our Labor and Delivery Story

Since the birth of my son came out of nowhere AND it was sort of unplanned and during the holidays I never got the chance to tell the story to my friends and family and everyone keeps asking me why my first instagram photo with little E was in the hospital and not at home?! I still didn’t get to tell them the story so we decided to shoot a video of my husband and I telling you what happened instead of writing it all out! lol
Me being lazy right now (p.s baby is sleeping and I am writing this as fast as I can! lol)
It is a tad bit long, so go grab a cup of tea and maybe some cookies and enjoy our story of the birth of Everest on Dec 23rd 2015!

So much JOY!

One of my favorite bloggers OH JOY has collaborated with Target once again ! Usually it is home decor or some type of adorable DIY kits. This time around since she just had baby number two (congrats~!) They came out with Baby Home Decor and Goods! It is super duper cute and wanted to get so much but by the time I made my way over to Target a lot of the items were sold out. Target online might still have everything to buy, I just don’t know if I have the patience to “return it” if I don’t like it (plus,  I like to see it in my hand before I purchase anything!)




I DID get my paws on these Muslin Blankets and am in LOVE! Been using it for everything from swaddling to burping bibs to when I nurse! Love that they are so versatile. Really wish they had more color and patterns. I love OH JOY and this collection, but it does come off very girly and wouldn’t mind more boy’ish things!….Wishfully thinking they will hear the fans and when the next round of collabs come around it will be a little more unisex! Either way though…I am super happy with my purchase! I still want the grid bedding for the crib and some little knick knacks like the security toy! so cute!! Did you get anything??

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