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  1. Anders 2016-09-11

    That was amazing to watch!

    Glad you all had a great Labor Day weekend, the bbq spread looked awesome (was that grilled corn? sign me up please). 9 months is pretty quick for Everest to be walking a bit, isn’t it? He’s such a smart, beautiful little guy! It’s very precious as a viewer that you both share these things, at the same time it seems everything that is documented you’re both so in the moment with him and the camera is an afterthought. That makes it seem natural, he’s going to have so many great non-awkward baby vids. On the ending note, I’ve recently gotten the movie Popstar too, hearing you both say it was pretty funny was reassuring because it’s curious it didn’t do well in the box office like Sunny said.

    Good luck about that Target sponsorship 😉

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