Life in the Past Few Weeks with A Newborn


Being a new mom was not as natural as I thought it would be.For some reason I didn’t think I would need to read much or know anything about newborns because maybe they would just eat and sleep all day…WHICH they do! BUT I didn’t know that there were baby schedules or the struggles of breast feeding , emotions and crying at any moment thinking you failed and the battle with sleep! It really was non-stop. Plus having the family here at the house during the holidays and the newborn it was a very overwhelming time for me. But I am close to three weeks and wanted to document what I’ve been through!

Week One:
Never thought it would end! LOL the 2nd night we were home we experienced the real “newborn effect” Our little one would wake up every 2 hours and cry and we both woke up and I would try to nurse him, but I was struggling (a whole OTHER story) and it would be hard to calm the baby down so my husband would take him and walk around the house. He would do this “dad-shuffle” dance, I had my “mom shuffle” and make him go to sleep. My husband and I would just look at each other and say “We wanted this!”
All our friends that have kids told us to hang in there because its not forever, but while you are in it…it feels like forever.  We were also told that the baby’s weight has dropped too much and that I should feed him formula…I wanted to breast feed and not give in to the formula.Not knowing what to do most of the time,  I would cry a lot thinking I wouldn’t be a good mom and not knowing how I would survive it all.

Week Two:
I survived the first week! After we took baby E to the pediatrician and were told that his weight is back to his birth weight (actually a few oz more) then I felt the pressure come off a little and I actually wanted to pat myself on the back for not giving in and feeding him formula (which is not a bad thing!) I am happy I kept going and didn’t give up! Then after my appointment with my midwife for the check up on me. She told me I was healing very well (down there) and that I looked great…even though I felt like poop! But somehow that made me feel a little better! Mini outings to go “do things” was tough, but it did feel nice to be out and talk to other people! It’s funny how you are a new mom to a brand new human and still feel so alone!
Oh..and dealing with a newborn and his sniffles was TOUGH!! But he is almost recovered. Sleep during that “sniffles time” was almost non existent ! He would wake every hour to eat, cry, diaper change or just stare at the wall. I think he had a hard time sleeping with his nose. Car Seat helped!!

Almost to Week Three:
My husband has to leave for work for most of the week and I panic. I also think our baby is going through a growth spurt because he has been waking up every 1-1.5 hours during the day to eat and at night he is sorta sleeping for two hours or 2.5. But still, its not much sleep (for the both of us) when you add it all up. I was told that “You CAN’T nurse too often–you CAN nurse too little” So as soon as he wakes up and looks hungry or when he needs to feed to zonk out I nurse as much as possible. It is coming to a point where I am thinking about pumping because I am getting super tired and I might need a little help from my husband so that I can get back to my normal self and hopefully start to work again too.
I have been told that at three weeks baby changes again, so I will need to get back to you in a couple of days when we are actually in that time. Keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t be too different of a change!

But all in all I have been enjoying being a mom and being able to care for him and learn so much about him in this short period of time. He really is a good baby, it’s me that doesn’t know the way yet! And a big shout out to my husband. He really enjoys being a dad and has been so supportive and helpful during these past weeks. I am so blessed to have him as my baby daddy!

These Swaddleme 3 pack have been helping during night time. Swaddling is a hard thing to do, but I am beginning to think they actually DO like it! Also love that Target collaborated with Aden&Anias.These muslin clothes can be used for so many things! Although the best way to heal a sore nipple is to keep breast feeding, this Lanolin cream has come in handy for sure.



  1. Naty de Pardo 2016-01-17

    I´m so happy for you! your son is beautiful. I know now you feel that you won´t sleep ever again. But you will 😀 enjoy your baby as much as you can, they grow up so fast! my son is 6 years old and we are looking for our second child after a miscarriage a few years ago.
    I know i wont get any sleep, but in the end is all worth it 😀 i hope weeks get better for you and that you keep us updated ! much love from Argentina!!! :* :*

    • Friedia 2016-01-17

      Thank you so much for your comment and advice!! Yes, it feels like its never going to end. BUT I am cherishing all these little moments we have together:) I am praying for you to have another child soon! They are the tiniest miracles!xoxo

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