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Beauty products I usually tend to buy start off by the look. I know…I know… it sound’s shallow (don’t judge a book by its cover)..but if it looks good on your counter then it has too look good on you!…right?
And IF it doesn’t work out …then I guess I can use it as an Instagram prop! lol
Here are some items that just came out or are about to, that I am obsessed with the packaging and look. I want to purchase it all!!!…but I am stopping myself and waiting to hear what other users think about them. soooooo if you have used any of them…please leave me feed back! I REALLY wanna know!

If you know the awesome blog Into the Gloss, then you probably know who created this beautiful AND pink skin care line. Ugh Can it get any cuter?! AND I have heard great things!! They just came out with two new facemasks~ Put it on the #GottaHaveIt list!


R + Co
If you want to part of the cool kids, this is for you! I mean…..each and every product looks like a modern art piece and you can possibly purchase it at the MOCA store! Plus if you swing by their site….it’s even cooler. Each page and the details and color really is like you stepped into a museum. I love everything about it, except that I haven’t tried it yet! Where do I start????!!


Death Valley Dry Shampoo

Mannequin Style Paste

Outer Space flexible Hairspray

The face oil that started it all. I remember almost 10 years back when I first heard about the line and how amazing it was but it was no where to be found. So popular that you couldn’t get your paws on them. I now spot them more and more in the independently owned boutiques and am tempted to buy…and then it goes back to …which one? lol
Rodin Face Oil

Hand Cream

I can keep going on for a while with this list, but I am going to stop there for today. Maybe I will make another post on beautiful products we need to have, even if they are props! (joking…I can’t afford that…or should I ?)

Anti Gravity Yoga – Aerial Yoga



I had been wanting to take an Aerial Yoga class for a while…actually I wanted to try the circus aerial classes first, but then I got smart and thought I should do the yoga one first and I think I made the right decision!
My class was last night at Aeriform Arts in Noho, it was the closest one and seemed the least amount of intimidation. The space was small and quaint and before I left it had said that only 4 confirmed for the class of seven. When I got there I was the third girl there and then two more people showed up along with the teacher. Still small so I felt relaxed.
The first thing the teacher said was that when you stand next to your hammock the loop should come right down in between your hip and crotch area. I found the perfect size and placed my mat underneath and waited for the class to begin.
Me and another girl where first timers one was her 2nd time and the others come here regularly. The beginning it was very chill and still yoga pose-ish then when you start playing more with the hammock the yoga part became more intense more pilate-ish.Very deep stretching that I don’t know where else you can do that kind of stretching!Felt good and painful at the same time. I am pretty flexible and I was sweating which is good for me.
THEN we started to get into our hammocks and once that happened I started to feel dizzy being upside down..and it was my first day of “that day of the month” so maybe that is also why it was tough for me?! But the teacher told us to just stay inside our hammocks and that was really nice. BUT he did say that being upside down is great for beauty! So I gave it another go and when I was standing upside down.YES, STANDING upside down I just told my mind to calm down and I shut my eyes. Thats when everything was okay again. No headache, no dizziness. Wish I had known this earlier….
Either way had loads of fun, I am in pain today.In a good way! I went ahead and bought the ten classes deal. Usually the classes are about $20 but for ten you get it for $15/each.
After I get used to the yoga I think I want to branch off and try other ones like silks, aerial hammock, aerial cirque?! maybe thats a little ways down the road…but I am curious!


GRWM Jan 2015

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