Talking about Babies!

Yep, todays post is all about trying to have a baby after the age of 30! Its harder than you think folks!! (to some, I know not all ladies have trouble)

Funny that now I can relate to Kim K. on her struggles on trying to conceive! If you saw last nights KUWTK last night, you will know what I am talking about! lol
Wishing all the ladies out there the best of luck! We will become moms!!! Some way or another!


BBT (Basel Body Temperature)
OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kit)
Fertility Acupuncture

Mini Prenatal Rainbow Light , Liquid Vitamin D , Maca Powder , Royal Jelly


Thermometer that works with Kindara App, The Wink
Wink will accurately record your basal body temperature up to 4x faster than other fertility thermometers and automatically sync your temperature to the Kindara app.



  1. Naoko 2015-03-21

    Hi! I’m 35 Too & it’s been 8 months trying to have a baby. Since I had endrometriosis surgery last May they said this 12months would be the best timing to concieve.
    My friends got pregnants so easily so, I was stressed out…

    Speaking of advise Well, one of my doctor told me to have SEX every two days to make sure to have sparms inside when I’m ovulating. And don’t trust ovulation test because sometimes we ovulate before or after the test says “yes we’re ovulating. (Actually one of my friend is pregnant useing ovulation test which for “not to be pregnant”)

    To have SEX every two days is too much work.. isn’it?

    Following my friend’s advise I take Maca too.
    Other thing my pregnant friends recommended me is to have a cup of hot water every morning in stead of a cup of delicios coffee to not make our organs cold.
    I’m not keep doing it because I need a cup of coffee & maca would help me to keep my temperture higher I guess.
    But there’re many Japanese women doing this method in fact.

    I’m gonna ask my boyfriend to do checking because it’s important to know both of our reproductive systems aré fine.
    Next week I have an appointment with a “reproducción asistida” . I don’t know how do you call them but they’re doctors whose specialists is help women & men to have baby.
    I’ll tell you how is it go.

    I hope you understood my english.. .
    If i can leave comments in japanese it’d be great.

    I feel kind a close to you because my birthday is 19 feb 1980 like you!

    Well, take it easy & wish you a good luck:)

    • Friedia 2015-03-24

      WOW Naoko,
      コメントありがとう〜誕生日同じなんて!You are the 2nd person I have ever met with the same birthdate!今は色々と辛いかもしれないけど、頑張って〜!応援してるよ〜!!私も今週検査しにいって、”とっても健康!”と言われたから。。。。それも?!って感じ。なんかはっきりと”ここが悪い”と言われた方が良かったかもw
      I was also told to keep trying for at least a year, so for a few more months thats what we will do! If nothing then we will take the next step:) Rooting for you~!!!

  2. Katie 2015-03-22

    Love this post! Very heartfelt. Rooting for you too.

  3. Kirsten 2015-04-02

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    I havent receive my wink yet, by have been extremely pleased with the Kindara app so far.


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