9 Week Update and Traveling During First Trimester

Heading out to Japan and been reading a lot on what I should do in the plane like:
The only real risk of a long flight is a DVT (deep venous thrombosis) or blood clot. This is a risk for all travelers on long flights, but pregnant women are at higher risk. To help prevent this from happening, see the tips below. Below are a few travel tips to pregnant women on the go:
1. Book an Aisle Seat – It’s easier access for your hourly walks and trips to the restroom.
2. Prevent Air Sickness – If you are still in the morning sickness phase of pregnancy, air travel may make things worse. Ask your practitioner for an anti-nausea medication to take with you.
3. Wear Pantyhose – Some practitioners recommend that you wear support stockings to increase circulation and prevent a blood clot from developing in your leg.
4. Take a Walk – Avoid being immobilized for long periods of time.
5.Take an empty water bottle with you in carry-on luggage and fill it up after you get through security.
6. Go Gas Free – Don’t drink or eat any gas-producing items (carbonated beverages, refried beans, etc.) before or during your flight. Entrapped gas expands at higher altitudes and can give you a stomachache.
7. Carry snacks and know your pressure points!

Quick update:
I found a midwife and I love her/them! Am feeling slightly tired and a bit of nausea but nothing major. Eating mini meals through out the day. Loads of fruits makes me happy!

Was worried a little about traveling and feeling sick, but it was better than I thought! If you feel like you will have a harder time then don’t force yourself! Talk with your doctor/mid wife before you book any flights.
This site had loads of info Pregnancy.org

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Erin Condren Planner Unboxing


I received my very first Erin Condren Life Planner in the mail and had to do a quick sit down to open the box with you. Even though this was my very first, I wanted to customize it ( thought that was what made it so unique) Now you get to see what I think of it!



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Talking about Babies!

Yep, todays post is all about trying to have a baby after the age of 30! Its harder than you think folks!! (to some, I know not all ladies have trouble)

Funny that now I can relate to Kim K. on her struggles on trying to conceive! If you saw last nights KUWTK last night, you will know what I am talking about! lol
Wishing all the ladies out there the best of luck! We will become moms!!! Some way or another!


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New Banner Thanks to Great Friends


WOW! My friends are the bestest of bestest’s! I am truly blessed to be called their friends! (tears)
Thank you to MICAFOTO for taking these amazing photos in my house?! (how does that happen?)
Thank you to CHIE who some how knows how to work my hair. Magic hands!
And THANK YOU to DAHARA who texted me late last night asking if he can play and create my banner!
You are all amazing , talented people!
If you have not seen it yet, please go by my YouTube, Google Plus and Facebook page to see our collaboration!




Whisper Challenge with My Husband

Soooo this may not be the most popular video on my channel LOL but it makes me laugh every time I watch it. Heck I may be half the count you see of views , I watch it so much.
I had fun doing it and if it makes just a handful of you guys smile or maybe even LAUGH, then that makes me happy.

P.S This is a LOUD video.. I didnt know I was so loud till after….sad..I know.
So please be turn the volume down before watching! lol ENJOY~