Natural Oils for Skin Care

Even though natural oils have been used for beauty purposes for centuries, I know a lot of women fear or stay away from oils to apply on their faces. I know that because I was one of them. My skin is a good combination skin. Oily around my forehead and chin area then we get the dry patches around my cheeks and sometimes on my nose. I always wanted to add oil to those dry spots and avoid the rest of my face and since it was just too much work I never went for the oil.
Now everything has changed! I add oil into everything I apply on my skin! Weird I know.
First you have to know what the oils are all about, which I am still learning myself, but here are a few versions…


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Downward Doggie



Since the new year with a yoga get together happened on the 3rd and since then I have challenged myself to see if I can do yoga everyday (or even every other day)
Now when I pull out my yoga mat my doggie comes out to hang out and do some of his moves on there. It’s been really cute.
This is my third day and my body is sore. A good sore.Will post the video that I did….


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