About Me




If you mix one part Brazilian with one part Japanese in a German birthplace with a pinch of Pennsylvania and Virginia, add adventurous youth, a thirst for travel and a passion for fashion, you get Friedia Niimura. The actor-model moved from Japan to the States ten years ago to pursue her lifelong dream to create her own clothing line. Since a child watching her mother design extraordinary clothes for her, Monn’Amur has been riveted to fashion, from T-shirts to couture. After eight years of modeling the duds, Friedia is ready to try her hand at creating them herself.

Working freelance for lines such as Disney Vintage, Victoria Secret Pink,,Priorities, Zoe D., Stephanie B and many more name brands,. Friedia currently works as a designer, fashion consultant and a buyer for big name boutiques in Japan. She is also currently working on a luxury tee shirt line with her friend,, AHNIIMURA. The line,Ahniimura has a hand full of a celebrity following.

Now thru her YouTube video’s she creates Beauty, Fashion, DIY lifestyle videos that go up weekly (friedia)